Yagara (Aka-yagara) Sushi
Red cornetfish

aka-yagara sushi

What ist Akayagara アカヤガラ 【赤矢柄】?

The red cornetfish fish is called akayagara in Japan. Flute fishes (jap. yagara) belong to the order of the pipefishes and are remarkably slender, elongated carnivores. Akayagara impresses not only by its unusual appearance but are also delicious as sushi or sashimi.

Akayagara for Sushi and Sashimi

Akayagara has tender white meat that is perfect for making sushi or sashimi. It is also appreciated for grilled, steamed or as an addition to clear soups. The meat is firm but tender. The taste is mild and light, the meat is firmer than that of many other white-fleshed fish.

Characteristics & Ecology

Akayagara is a noticeably slim and elongated predatory fish. Its skin is from reddish to orange-brown coloration, which shows a pattern of broad cross bands at night. Young fish are spotted, with increasing age these disappear. Aka-yagara are twilight-active, secret robbers, who stalk their prey. Thanks to their slender shape they can remain undetected long enough to then scurry forward to suck their prey into their mouth. Akayagara is occasionally confused with the bluespotted cornetfish (jap. aoyagara).


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Common names

lacepede's cornetfish, flutemouth, serrate cornetfish, cornetfish, red cornetfish, rough flutemouth, deep-sea flute-mouth

Japanese names

  • aka-yagara (アカーヤガラ)
  • akayagara (アカヤガラ)


Scientific name

Fistularia petimba


Cornetfishes or flutemouths


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